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This is kind of a BIG DEAL!  Health Saving Account (HSA) have traditional only covered many of the services listed below after the medical deductible.  Individual can now get medication and care for many critical services before their medical deductible. READ MORE >>

As a business leader, you know that procurement of goods and services is at the heart of good business practice, and you likely manage your supply chain with diligence to ensure suppliers meet standards for quality and affordability. So why don’t most employers behave in this manner when purchasing healthcare services? READ MORE >>

In more than 10 years of working with companies, there is one thing I’ve learned above everything else: Human Resources (HR) is incredibly complex. For starters, there are dozens of state and federal agencies tasked with enforcing hundreds of employment-related laws that organizations must follow. READ MORE >>

Employers that are growing up, and are in the awkward teenage years, are about to get a big surprise, and not the good kind. When a company first opens, they are excited when they first implement their benefit plans for their handful of employees. They offer one or two medical plans, perhaps some dental and vision, and a small life insurance policy. READ MORE >>

You own your own business, well done. You are living the dream, you are your own boss. You can work any 80 hours a week you want. Trying to cram 15 hours of work into a 9-10 hour day leaves little time for ancillary business tasks like health insurance. You know it’s important, but paying the bills is your top priority. READ MORE >>

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