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At Blackrock Benefits our success is predicated on our ability to make other business owners more successful at what they do!

What are you paying your current Broker for…ACTIVITIES or ROI producing OUTCOMES?  Unless your Broker is reducing the frequency & severity of your claims what are you paying them for? Does your company have a non-Profit & Loss manager managing your second largest expense next to payroll? Companies MUST shift from viewing benefit spend as a variable Operational Expense buried in the Sells, General & Administrative Expenses to a manageable Capital Expenditure that produces ROI.  Welcome to the Blackrock Benefits way of doing business.

Blackrock Benefits specializes in developing cost-effective, custom designed employee & executive benefit plans.  We have a proven track record of success in cutting costs, and retaining key talent.  Blackrock Benefits knows that part of attracting and retaining the best talent involves offering a comprehensive employee benefits package.  We custom design employee & executive benefit plans to retain key employees using innovative funding and unique benefit plan designs.

Blackrock Benefits Provides the Following Insurance Services to our Clients:

  • Employee Benefits (Specializing in Self-Funded Health Plans)
  • Executive & Management Carve-out Plans (Ensuring You Attract & Retain The Best Talent)
  • Self-Funded Health Plans (Get Off the Annual Rate Renewal Roller Coaster!)
  • Life Insurance
  • Key Man Life Insurance Policies
  • Business Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Alliance Health Plans
  • Cost Reduction & Containment Strategies
  • Self-Funded Plan Consultant (Financial Hedging Strategies Through Better Risk Management)

For Individuals

Financial security is often a major objective in each of our lives. How financial security is defined varies from family to family and individual to individual. Through a personal needs analysis, Blackrock Benefits will let you know where you stand relative to where you want to be, and provide you with specific solutions for education funding, retirement solutions, wealth accumulation and risk management, that can help make your goals a reality.  We specialize in implementing costs effective, customized employee & executive benefits plans.

For Business Owner

Blackrock Benefits helps business owners attract, retain and retire great people through the creative use of employee and executive benefits. Blackrock Benefits knows first hand the struggles business owners face when getting started.  Let Blackrock Benefits help you manage your employee benefits & executive benefit plans.

For Your Business’s Key Employees

Blackrock Benefits knows that part of attracting and retaining the best talent involves offering a comprehensive employee benefits package.  Employee benefit products are designed to retain key employees using innovative funding solutions. Contact Blackrock Benefits today to receive world-class, customized solutions for your business situation.

Bret Harding
Bret Harding MBA, CHRS (I Develop Cost-Effective Employee Benefit Plans ► Proven Track Record of Success Cutting Costs.& Retaining Key Talent.)

Bret grew up in Utah, he is currently President of Blackrock Benefits.  Bret is a Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist (CHRS), he is qualified to help you, and your organization navigate the Healthcare Reform maze. Don't make important decisions regarding Healthcare without consulting a knowledgeable professional. Give me a call, I'm always willing to discuss your options, and help you make the best long-term decision.

Next to an organizations payroll, insurance costs, in particular, group health insurance is typically a company’s second largest expense. With the Affordable Care Act group insurance rates are continuing to climb. As an organization, you MUST have a long-term strategy in-place to control escalating costs. You can’t wait until you get that 20% renewal increase letter on your desk before you take action. Now is the time to start exploring all your options: self-funded, defined contribution, Alliance plans, professional services plans (i.e. engineers, etc.). The key to controlling cost long-term is having a knowledgeable and experienced Broker. Many cost-cutting solutions can easily integrate into your existing plan.

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MacKenzie Boyce

Vice President of Sales

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Account Manager "RockStar"
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Customer Service & Enrollment Specialist

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