Health insurance carriers have been successful at doing two things: Making money and getting the American people to believe they are essential. Health insurance companies are nothing more than disintermediary. We Help Companies Cut Out the Middleman and Save Money! We specialize in helping employers reduce healthcare costs by re-engineering their medical plan with proven risk management strategies. These strategies empower the company owners and executives to see the numbers and manage the healthcare value-chain as you do any other part of your business.

We are on a mission to shift companies from viewing benefit spend as a variable operational expense to a manageable capital expenditure that produces ROI. Together we can break through the Healthcare Status Quo. Welcome to the Blackrock Benefits way of doing business. Don’t wait until you have that 10% - 20% renewal sitting on your desk…now is the time to start exploring all your options. The key to controlling cost long-term is using an experienced benefit risk management consultant. Many cost-cutting solutions can easily be integrated into your existing plan.

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